Stellar Lines
Stellar Lines Stellar Lines
  About the Company
Stellar Lines. is a Liberian corporation founded in 1992. Our principal business is the transportation of commercial cargo. We offer door-to-door service from anywhere in the United States to any part of the world. We specialize in cargoes requiring special handling and offer multimodal transportation which means that we can accept cargoes under through bills of lading to inland points using a combination of ocean, rail and truck transportation.
We transport liner cargoes, including containers, rolling stock and breakbulk, by our own vessels and by connecting carrier agreements with several major line operators. The majority of cargo handled by the Stellar Lines consists of specialized project cargoes associated with large affreightment contracts, such as flag preference or government cargoes.
  The Agency Network
Stellar Lines is represented world wide by a network of agency companies, some of which are affiliates of the group, and all are carefully selected for reliability and efficient operations.Our agents perform on the spot in various ports and commercial centers throughout the world those tasks which are best performed locally, such as marketing and booking cargo, supervising port and inland operations in their area, receiving or delivering cargo, collecting freight issuing bills of lading, and arranging for transshipment to final delivery points beyond the port of discharge.
  Contract and Project Carrier
  We have successfully undertaken major transportation projects throughout the world. Such projects include:
  • agricultural machinery to Russia , Turkmenistan , Kazakhstan and Ukraine ; power stations from the United States to Turkey , Morocco ;
  • gas and oil pipeline equipment to Kazakhstan , Uzbekistan , and other parts of Central Asia ;
  • steel plants and other industrial hard ware to Mexico and other parts of South America ;
  • arms, ammunition, weapon systems, military vehicles, and other military hardware for the Greek Armed Forces as well as the U.S. and Canadian Armed Forces;
  • USAID cargoes to several sites throughout the Balkans, the Black Sea region and Central Asia
In these projects the transportation of the cargo was undertaken by Stellar Lines from the plant or warehouse of origin, or the port of loading, and carried through to its destination at the inland project site, by a combination of ocean vessel, road, and railway.
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